More than just a light
Top light supplementary lighting for horticulture
"Green" light for greenhouse complexes
The new growing method is here.
Optimize your growth systems with innovative combined light technology by ELGRO for sustainable crop cultivation all year round.
ELGRO has been developing ways to apply new lighting technology to crop growing. With innovative technologies at our command we can custom-build solution for you.
ELGRO offers patented innovative technology tested in labs and greenhouse complexes that combines the advantages of HPS and LED technologies by using the power and adaptability of HPS and spectral flexibility of LED. The essence of the proposed technology is to correct the depleted spectrum of HPS lamps by adding special spectral ranges with a separate LED device.
Case Studies
The first production of tomatoes began in January 2013. The density of plants is 2.5 plants per square meter. In conditions of severe competition from suppliers of tomatoes from other countries MeÅūvidi set a goal to increase the yield and quality of products without changing the existing (standard) supplementary lighting system and climate balance.
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