We are the first who have developed and introduced the technology for correcting the spectrum of the traditional supplementary lighting system based on HPS (sodium lamps) in greenhouse complexes by adding special spectral ranges with individual devices.
Modern greenhouse of the closed ground use HPS lamps for growing intensive photoculture. The benefit in this case is well-established for decades technology of cultivation. The disadvantage of these lamps are the low efficiency of PAR and the depleted spectrum.

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In recent years there has been an active promotion of LED light in horticulture. Despite the fact that LED has more correct spectrum, the replacing top lighting with them has not yet obtained industrial implementation. There are two main reasons: many-fold higher cost and lack of grow technology. Replacing HPS with LED changes the greenhouse systems balance. There is no complex solution to fully replace HPS to LED.
We are the international research and production team from Russia, Canada, Latvia, Finland, Holland, China and Hong Kong. We offer the solution of combining the benefits of both systems.

Corrector - №1 on the market not only in implementing the idea, but also for the quality of manufacture


ELGRO offers patented innovative technology tested in labs and greenhouse complexes that combines the advantages of HPS and LED technologies by using the power and adaptability of HPS and spectral flexibility of LED. The essence of the proposed technology is to correct the depleted spectrum of HPS lamps by adding special spectral ranges with a separate LED device.
We named this device Corrector COBA. It is made on the basis of the chip on board technology.
The special spectrum of COBA lamp is designed to ensure the optimal matching of the combined light flow of the plants needs and economic benefit of use.
Combined and corrected spectrum of the Corrector COBA in the growing zone ensures the increase of the yield by adding the parts of the spectrum that are not provided by HPS (sodium) lamps but that fundamental importance for further growing, fruiting and health of the adult plants.
Long service life
Individual testing of each device
Highest level of unit quality
Increased organoleptic properties
4 years warranty
Easy installation and operation
Optimal spectrum for plant lighting
Standard growing balance
Minimal cost of yield increase
Yield increase up to 25%
The "HEART" of Corrector COBA is based on individually tested LED chips from selected international suppliers. In COBA we are using expensive chips because of consistently high quality than cheaper mass chips.

Corrector COBA - Number 1 on the market not only by implementing the idea but also of the quality of manufacture:

To obtain accurate wavelengths LED chips are always individually tested and certified before encapsulation and assembly. This process is highly laborious and takes a lot of time, but it is the only right way to provide unsurpassed quality of the product.
Robotic assembled machines that we use to assemble our chips make several passes to process a lot of hidden bandwidths. This is another laborious operation.
We use 99.99% pure gold in the production of all Corrector COBA wire connections. We don not use any cheaper gold wiring or aluminum to reduce the cost of the unit.
Each COBA unit that we produce tested (running at full power) for 72 hours, and compared with the optimized spectrum to ensure that the irradiation corresponds to our strict quality assurance parameters.
The radiator of COBA unit is the most effective on the market and manufactured by patented technology.
The driver that we use for COBA unit is taken from the world leader and harmonized with the housing.